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Patients Rights and Responsibilities


NHS patients have rights covered by the NHS Patients Charter.


Your rights:


• Receive treatment from a General Practitioner

• Receive information about health services

• Have your treatment explained to you

• Refuse to be treated in front of medical students or

   be involved in medical trials

• Have a friend or relative with you

• Have access to an interpreter or signer

• Confidentiality

• Have access to emergency medical care

• Complain without discrimination

• Have access to contraceptive or maternity services

• Receive treatment regardless of your race, gender,             age, social class, religion, sexual orientation,             appearance, disability or medical condition.


Your Responsibilities:


• Be on time for appointments

• Inform the surgery if you cannot keep an appointment

• Inform reception if you move house or change             telephone number

• Use the emergency services responsibly

• Treat healthcare staff politely

• Take care with medicines

• Inform any healthcare professional of any other             treatment you may be receiving or medication you may

  be taking that might influence your care

• Comply with your treatment to the best of your ability


Zero Tolerance Policy


We have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive behaviour at the Practice.

Whilst we fully understand a visit to the Doctor may be upsetting and stressful we will not tolerate any verbal or physical aggression to any member of the Practice team.


Any such behaviour will result in the person being removed from our Practice list without

further warning.