Liberton Medical Group

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Health Visitors

Kim McFadyen/Karen Bell – Health Visitors,   Eleanor Grieve - Community Staff Nurse

The health visiting team are involved with the health care of the children registered at

the Practice. They operate clinics, group work, courses and some open access clinics

within the surgery. Newly registered patients with children aged less than 5 years should make themselves known to the team.  Health Visitors telephone  0131 664 6848.

District Nurses

Alice Millar, Vicki Cumming, Nouzha Farboussi, Elaine Doherty, Jacqui Boyle

The District Nursing team provides nursing care to housebound individuals.They

may be contacted on 0131 664 0242 during working hours, Mon - Fri 8.00am  - 4.30pm. Outwith these hours (16.30pm - 8.00am, Sat/Sun & public holiday) please contact



The ante-natal care of pregnant women is shared by the Doctors and our Midwives.

Midwives from the Royal Infirmary run an antenatal clinic on Thursday mornings at the

surgery. All attendances are by appointment, which are made by the Midwife directly.

Psychologists and Community Psychiatric Nurses

The Psychologists and the Community Psychiatric Nurses from the local Mental

Health Care team hold appointments in the surgery. These are booked by referral from the doctor.